School For The Dogs seminar: Dog Parks 101


dog park pitsFor cooped up New York dogs, dog parks present an opportunity to socialize and run. But the city’s 53+ off-leash dog parks can also lead to stressful situations that could often be avoided with a little bit of human knowledge about canine body language and interactions.

Come hone your skills at observing dog play and learn what to look for during supervised off-leash time. Attendees will walk away with a solid introduction in how to encourage good dog park etiquette and prevent potentially disastrous encounters.

Led by School For The Dogs’ trainer¬†Lauren Wojcik, this small seminar (only four spots!) is for humans only and will include time for questions and answers. Dog owners are encouraged to bring videos of dog play for our trainers to translate.

  • Wednesday November 21, 7-8:30 PM
  • FREE (90-minute group session)
  • Held at 194 Third Avenue (@17th Street)

Sign up here or RSVP to us by emailing or calling 212-353-3647


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