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Kate and Annie - School For The Dogs NYC


“The training was very specific to our needs, and after the first session we were seeing results at home.” – Veken

“Annie creates surprisingly simple guidelines for addressing behavioral problems. The salient takeaway for me was that it only takes about thirty minutes to achieve a semblance of behavior modification, and just a couple of minutes daily to reinforce and eventually solidify the change.” – Liz

“Rex and I are able to walk by dogs of all sizes now, and if he feels stressed out he looks at me for a reward instead of acting out.” – Deirdre

“Prior to our training, Coco could never walk past the doorman without barking, lunging, snarling. Now he can do a down-stay and actually relax in front of the doorman. His stress level has decreased significantly and so has mine.” – Terra

“Kate is terrific with anxious dogs. She knew exactly how to make Hudson comfortable and thought of creative ways to work around his anxiety, making sure we got the most out of each session.” – Jessica

“Our little guy will now sit, stay, and comes on command, will pay attention when we say his name, maintain eye contact when necessary to stabilize him from distraction, and walk by our sides with a loose leash rather than zig zagging all over the street.” – Chris

“Kate taught us to read our dogs’ body language, and as a result, our dogs are more confident with us because they know we’re going to be able to understand what they need from us.” – Emilee

“Anamarie is able to get Jake to lie down and watch other dogs go by without any outbursts. I never thought this would be possible. In the past Jake would only know one reaction – to bark and scream and lunge at any dogs passing by and never take his eyes off the other dogs as they walked by. However, by positively rewarding Jake for disengaging after he is focused on another dog, Anamarie has broken his aggression cycle. And she has taught me to do the same.” – Denise

“Even after moving uptown, we’ll continue attending School for the Dogs because of the results we’ve seen and the loving and dedicated approach of Annie, Anamarie and Chelsea.” – Devon

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