Clover and Family

Dog portraits and graduation photos! — with Ingrid Komisar

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For the last six months, our students have gotten to know a very special teenager — Parson’s Freshman, Ingrid Komisar. Ingrid moved here last summer from her native Nashville, and has been assisting us at School For The Dogs as a Day School helper and as a Dog Buddy. Ingrid is now taking graduate photos for us, and is also doing mini-portrait sessions for non-matriculated students as well.
Do you have your own dogs?
I have two pups! Roxie is a beagle and Scarlett is a maltipoo. They stayed in Nashville with my family when I moved up here, so I’m looking into getting a pug to live the NYC life with me!
Do you notice a difference between dog owners here and in Nashville?
I think owners here try to make up for the lack of yard/space by trying to spend extra time with them whenever they can. The love for animals is the same in both places though!
We know you love them all, but tell us about one of your favorite SFTD students.
Ugh — they’re all my favorites. If I had to choose I would have to say Ginger. She’s unlike any other. She is a 50-ish-pound rescue hound who thinks she’s a lap dog and can always brighten your day. She has such a gentle soul.
You didn’t know much about dog training when you started at SFTD. Is there anything in particular that you were surprised to learn?
I’ve always been the dog person among my friends and family, so going into an environment where it was all about dogs was crazy. There wasn’t necessarily anything I was surprised to learn, but many things clicked after hearing them. The psychology of dogs really interests me and having a chance to learn about it in depth has been great.
Any quick photographer’s tip on getting a good shot of a dog?
The dog will only be excited if you are! They pick up on your emotions. You have to make crazy noises and do the classic puppy talk if you want them to strike a pose! Peanut butter afterwards always makes them more willing the next time too!