Dog Share is for NYC dog lovers who love dogs but can’t have one

Sometimes, a dog just needs a buddy to hang out with when his folks are at work or at the gym. As dog trainers, we see a lot of dogs who could benefit from less alone time.

As New Yorkers, we know plenty of people who love dogs but cannot accommodate in their lives them due to their schedule or living arrangement. Thus, Dog Share was born. When we have Manhattan clients who have puppies or adult dogs who would like a new human friend, we offer them our Dog Share list, which is made up of New Yorkers who have flexible schedules and who could use some dog time in their lives.

Dog Sharers do not do dog walking or any formal training. Your job is simply to hang out with a dog in someone’s apartment. If they have wireless or a coffee pot, you may be able to share those lovely things as well. Dog Share is ideal for students, freelancers, and unemployed people. We suggest that dog owners pay their Dog Sharer $8 an hour, but you might ask for more or be willing to work for just the love of a dog. No prior dog experience is required.

If you’re a prospective Dog Sharer please fill out this quick form – which is also below.

If you’re a School For The Dogs client interested in being paired up with a Dog Sharer, please email us.


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