Breed Meetups

beedmeetup2 School For The Dogs hosts 90-minute breed meetups every week at our indoor/outdoor East Village training center. We limit the number of dogs to ten. The cost is $20 per dog; members may attend for free.  Advance signup is highly encouraged. 

• Proof of Rabies vaccination is required. Dogs must be over 5-months old, unless otherwise authorized by School For The Dogs staff. If you have a dog who is under 5-months old, please visit our Puppy Playtime page.
• Dogs with any history of aggression towards humans or dogs will not be admitted. Dogs who show aggression towards other dogs or to people during a meetup may be asked to leave — safety is our number one priority.
• Free coffee is available for humans.

Below is our 2017 schedule of breeds. All breeds are always welcome at all meetups — we don’t discriminate! — but if your dog is a mixed breed or your breed is not listed here, you are also always welcome to come try out our School Yard, where we offer trainer-supervised off-leash playtimes daily.  If you are interested in a meetup for a breed not listed below, or would like to do one on an alternate day, fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

January 28: Doodles and Australian Shepherds
February 11: Frenchies and Mixed Breeds
February 25: Doodles and Beagles
March 11: Frenchies and Labradors
March 25: Doodles and Collies
April 8: Frenchies and Boston Terriers
April 22: Doodles and English Bulldogs
May 6: Frenchies and Corgis
May 20:Doodles and Terriers
June 3: Frenchies and Dachshunds 
June 17: Doodles and King Charles Cavalier Spaniels
July 1: Frenchies and Yorkshire Terriers
July 15: Doodles and Chihuahuas
July 29: Frenchies and Pugs
August 12: Doodies and Pomeranians
August 26: Frenchies and Hounds
September 9: Doodles and Golden Retrievers
September 23: Frenchies and Jack Russell Terriers
October 7: Doodles and Havanese
October 21: Frenchies and Schnauzers
November 4: Doodles and Malteses
November 18: Frenchies and Scottish Terriers
December 2: Doodles and Shih Tzus
December 16: Frenchies and Shepherds
December 30: Doodles and Shiba Inus