NYC’s first Kitty Kindergarten!

Kitty Kindergarten is finally here!

What’s better than a room full of kittens? Help prepare your kitten for friends, family and the veterinarian in this new five-week class!

You’ll learn how to teach your kitten to scratch only the right things, saying “yes!” to the litter box, and how to kitten/cat proof your home. We’ll also help your kitten learn to enjoy being handled by different people in different ways, so you’ll have a cat who enjoys being petted, picked up, and carried, and is comfortable with all kinds of people, including your veterinarian.

Finally, we’ll teach you how to train your kitten to follow basic cues, such as sit and come, and to walk on a leash. A maximum of six kittens per class ensures we offer ample personalized attention and that no kitten becomes overwhelmed during playtime.

Find out more about Kitty Kindergarten and register here!