School For The Dogs in the News

Puppies Like Baby Talk: Study Show that Dogs Respond to Same Vocal Tones As Babies 1/1/17
WNYC: Summer Chicken Training Camp For A Dog Trainer 9/2/16
Media Post: The Poop on Trump 6/7/16
DNA Info: Scoop Your Dog’s Poop With Donald Trump Bags, Courtesy of EV Dog School 5/18/16
Wall Street Journal: Teach Dogs Some New Tricks: Manners For Holiday Gatherings 11/27/15 This NYC School Will Teach Your Dog To Use An iPad 5/20/15
New York Times: Ask Real Estate: Enforcing A No-Pet Clause 4/11/15
Fast Company: Lattes With A Side of Cuddles: Lessons from “America’s First Dog Cafe” 2/15/15
September 2014 KPA CTP of the Month: Anna Jane Grossman 9/3/14
New York Post: Does Your Pooch Need An iPad? 8/3/14
New York Post: Why Dogs Have to Give up Their Instincts to Survive in NYC 5/10/14
New York Times: Ask Real Estate: Dog Eviction 4/18/14
New York Times: You’ll Go Far, My Pet 4/11/14
Our Town: A New School for Dogs 4/9/14
Photojojo:Teach Your Dog To Take A Selfie 4/14
Gizmodo: If You Have a Dog, You Can’t Miss This Gadget Guide for the Spring 3/26/14
Yahoo Tech: School to Teach Dogs How to Take Selfies 3/21/14
The Guardian: How To Teach A Dog To Read Using An iPad 3/21/14
New York Times: Every Dog Has Its Daybed 3/19/14
Evening Standard: You Can Teach A Dog New Tricks 3/13/14
Motherboard: iPads For Dogs Are About More Than Selfies 3/17/14
Daily Mail UK: The Pooch Taking on Picasso… 12/17/13
New York Times: Time for Doggy Daycare 1/17/14
AnimalRadio: Where’s The iPad, Honey? 9/13
Dogster: Teach An Old Dog New Tech 8/28/13
MediaBistro: New Career For Ex-Journalist 8/27/13
Today: Swipe, Spot, Swipe! 8/26/13
NPR’s Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me: A Nose For Technology 8/24/13
Discovery: Amazing Animals Of The Week 8/24/13
Agence France-Presse: Wet Noses To The Touchscreen, iPads Go To The Dogs  8/24/13
CNET: Tablet Training Goes To The Dogs 8/23/13
The Daily Mail: Teaching Old Dogs New…Apps? 8/19/13
Salon: iPad Puppy Training, Really 8/18/13
Fox Business News: Teaching Your Dog To Use Your iPad 8/16/13
APM’s Marketplace: Get Your Paws Off My iPad 8/15/13
Lifehacker: Why You Should Teach Your Dog To Use An iPad 8/12/13
Wall Street Journal: Some Users Just Can’t Keep Their Paws Off The iPad 8/11/13
Epoch Times: How To Train A Dog: Tips From NYC’s Top Dog Trainers 3/21/13
Jezebel: Dogs Love Cow Dick, And You Will Too! 1/10/13
Outside: Dogs Lead Lost Humans Back Home 1/4/13
CBS 2 New York: Teaching Your Dog To Use An iPad 10/15/12
Gizmodo: The 6 Best Toys To Keep Your Dog Really Busy 5/24/12

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