Introducing: Puppies For The People

We are living in crazy times.  How do you cope? Alcohol? Drugs? Therapy? Yoga?

Good for you.

But have you tried…puppies?

Introducing: Puppies For The People! Starting in January, once a week we are opening up selected puppy playtimes to members who would like to spend some time with real life puppies.


Do I have to bring a puppy?
Nope! We will have puppies in attendance, along with their owners.

What does this cost?
Right now, it is free! However, it is currently only open to our members. Members may come up to once a month, and may bring a guest each time. You do not need to have a dog to become a member. Memberships are billed monthly and may be cancelled at any time. If you’d like to be notified when we are offering this more broadly, please join our mailing list.

Can I roll around on the floor with the puppies?
Not exactly. We pride ourselves on having very controlled playgroups, and we usually have no more than four puppies present. We sometimes let two of them play and then play “pass the puppy” with the remaining puppies. This is a great way for puppies to learn what it is like to be approached and held by a variety of people. You can participate in “pass the puppy” as appropriate, while heeding the trainers’ instructions.

Can I take photos?
As long as the puppy’s owner is fine with it!

Where exactly is this happening?
At School For The Dogs! Our address is 155 E. 2nd Street in Manhattan, near Avenue A.

And when?
In this trial period, we are currently doing it once a week: Fridays at 6. Advance sign up required.

Want to do it? Go for it! (You must be a member in order to pull up this page)