Puppy Kindergarten

6 Group Classes ($300+)

Prepare your 8-20 week old puppy for a lifetime of interacting with people and dogs in New York City by taking this informative and fun group class.

In addition to teaching basic skills like attention, sit, down and come, these classes address common issues that affect all puppy owners such as house-training, barking, nipping, dog play skills and leash greetings. A maximum of six puppies per class ensures we offer ample personalized attention and that no dog becomes overwhelmed during off-leash playtime.

Wednesdays: 7:00 PM-8:00 PM
Saturdays: 10:30 AM-11:30 AM
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• For puppies 8-20 weeks old
Vaccination requirements for this course below
• Prerequisite: Introductory Private Consult OR Group Orientation
• Rolling enrollment – start as soon as your prerequisite is complete; classes may be taken in any order and may be repeated. Classes do sometimes fill up, so we recommend choosing six classes you’d like to attend in advance. You can un-enroll or switch to a different open class without penalty as long as changes are made before the day of the class. If there is a day you would like to attend class but it is a color-unit you’ve already completed, we encourage you to come anyway. Because we rotate exercises, have multiple instructors and also have new students starting all the time, two classes are never the same; because the socialization window is so short for puppies, we feel it is better to not wait too long in between classes. If you complete the six classes purchased initially, you can make up color-units you missed or re-do a color-unit for $50 a class, or three for $120, up until your puppy is 20 weeks old.

Puppy Kindergarten + Group Orientation ($330)
BASIC: Private Session At Training Center ($420) // Private Session In-Home ($480)
SILVER: Private Sessions At Training Center ($800) // Private Sessions In-Home ($900)
GOLD: Private Sessions In-Home ($1,875)

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Each class contains:
• Socialization exercises designed to help puppies learn about the world and teach owners how to properly introduce them to new stimuli.
• Discussion on topics pertinent to puppy owners, and a chance for Q+A on the subject.
• “Basic” behavior, taught with the goal of helping to build a dog’s ability to learn new things, and to hone dog owners’ training skills.
• “Targeting” behavior. Because we believe that so much of the training we do relates to the idea of touching or “targeting” one thing to another — dog’s nose to a hand, or dog’s rear to the ground — we work one a minimum of such behavior per class.
• Husbandry behavior. The goal of teaching these behaviors is to help show how a dog owner’s understanding of classical conditioning and a dog’s ability to target may help make grooming and medical procedures less stressful for puppies and people alike.
• Settle/relaxation time.
• Fun photo homework assignments.
(Please note that the curriculum is subject to change without advance notice)

Class: RED
Toy: Slow food bowls
Behaviors: Nose touch to object (iPad/iPhone or target stick) and down
Husbandry: Teeth
Topic: Drop it
Socialization: Strange objects

Toy: Kibble balls
Behaviors: Sit and go to crate/mat
Topics:  Polite greetings with new people, separation and housebreaking
Socialization: Crates

Toy: DIY toys
Behaviors: Nose touch to a target, attention, walking and “What’s that?”
Husbandry: Brushing
Topic: Polite greetings with dogs

Class: GREEN
Toy: Snuffle mat
Behaviors: Nose touch to hand, down and attention
Husbandry behavior: Cone/muzzle
Topic: Body Language

Class: BLUE
Toy: Electric Dispensers
Behaviors: Paw touch and sit
Husbandry: Nail care
Topic: Barking
Socialization: Weird surfaces and sounds

Toy: Puzzle toy
Behaviors: Standing, sit, “What’s that?” and attention
Husbandry: Hold/Gentle restraint
Topic: Nipping
Socialization: Unusual people

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We follow the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior’s recommendations on creating positive socialization experiences for puppies before their vaccine series is complete. We require that a puppy has had one round of shots, proof of deworming and that shots have been completed at least seven days prior to first class.

Download this PDF and either print or email it to your veterinarian.
• Bring the completed form to your first class or email it to info@schoolforthedogs.com.
• Puppies should not attend if they show signs of illness (when in doubt, give us a call.)
• Puppies are required to be kept up-to-date on vaccines throughout class.
• The space is cleaned daily and disinfected before each puppy class.

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