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Misfits Day School - innovative drop-off program for dogs with behavior issues


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“Being a member at School for the Dogs was a no-brainer for me. I signed up to become a member as soon as Zuri finished up her Puppy Kindergarten and Prep School classes and was old enough to start at School Yard. For me School Yard is amazing, it gives dogs the opportunity to play with dogs of all sizes appropriately, is clean (since we do not go to any of the dog parks in the city since they’re all dirty and dogs come healthy or sick), is a safe space for dogs who may be shy (and teaches dogs who come on too strong how to control themselves), and has a strong community of not only dedicated trainers who supervise the sessions, but also owners who care about their dogs. Since the dogs and owners are all vetted by the school, you can ensure your dog will have the best experience, will get much needed socialization, and you can have peace of mind knowing that this wasn’t just a regular romp in a dog park. Your dog will learn to become a well-mannered socialized dog.”

– Anita A.

“School for the Dogs has been the best! It’s a great place for our puppies to learn how to play with other dogs of all sizes – what they feel comfortable with, how to take breaks and how to learn cues from other dogs. All under the supervision of trainers. Not to mention the camaraderie of having a community and shared experiences!”

– Sarah W.