Do you need help with your Misfit?

Misfits Day School is our specialized drop-off program created for dogs who need some extra help coping with the mean streets of New York City.
Misfits Day School - innovative drop-off program for dogs with behavior issues


  • Foundation skill building
  • Concept training
  • Urban leash training
  • Real life training scenarios
  • Socialization work
  • Relaxation time & play breaks

Misfits Day School is School For The Dogs’ innovative drop-off program for dogs with behavior issues who need some extra help.

THURSDAYS 3:00-6:00 PM

  • A 3-hour dropoff program at School For The Dogs, twice a month on Thursdays from 3:00-6:00 PM.
  • Created for dogs who are reactive towards other people or dogs or dealing with anxiety issues.
  • Clients must be enrolled in training sessions with School For The Dogs.
  • Drop off your dog between 3-3:30 PM and pick them up between 5-5:30 PM.
  • Only two dogs at a time, each paired with a trainer.

Is this better than a Board & Train? We think so, and here’s why.

Board & Trains (where your dog goes to stay with a trainer for a number of days or weeks) can be successful as long as all the progress is transferred to the owner and to the owner’s environment. However, most trainers remove a dog from NYC and then drop them back off without much instruction to the owners. Done this way, behaviors aren’t as easy to maintain.

Our goal and approach with Misfits Day School (paired with private training) is to teach your dog new skills around things that stress him out while remaining involved with the owner in the environment where the dog lives so the behaviors can be converted to “real life” scenarios much easier.